Life Biggest Tragedy & Make Me Victim

Due To Breach Of Trust & False Commitment

Engr.mohammad shakil

Business Journey 2007  

Looking support from world

Brief About Mohammad Shakil

  1. Technocrat having Master in Engineering & Management with several professional certificate.
  2. Having local & international experience from local company to world famous multinational companies.
  3. 25+ years’ experience with delivery as management team member of $ 2.6 billion projects.  
  4. 15 years out of 25 years having Business experience as ‘C level’ executive and shareholder.
  5. Business track record yearly turnover from $ 10k to $ 16 million and from 2 employees to 355 employees.
  6. Global Business and diplomatic networking relation as an Achievement
  7. Still minimum personal net worth as receivable $ 2.5  million* after heavy loss approximately $ 4.0 million from year 2014 to middle of year 2017.
  8. Notes: * = Under processing in court case due to partner dispute

Now Facing Heavy Financial Crisis


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